Fairy Light Strand with Fiber Orbs

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Give your wedding decor a look of elegance with this light string composed of yarn balls in neutral shades of white and cream. It’s so easy to dress things up for your special day!


Step 1 : Cut tiny slits in the holes of each yarn ball.

Step 2 : Place the balls over the white lights in alternating colours until the string is complete.

Step 3 : Hang the yarn ball light string wherever you like.

Step 4 : Plug it in and light up your decor!

You will need:

  • Fairy light strand set in Uyuni. The set is composed of 20 polyester fibre balls and a strand of white lights)
  • Scissors

Used in This Project

Maped Zenoa Sensitiv Scissors 17 CM


  • 17CM

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