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The fidget Spinner is turning heads

A modern-day version of the spinning top, the Spinner is the latest craze and it’s brining together both young and old! It was first invented 20 years ago by a mother who designed it for her child. The must-have toy of 2017 has seen extraordinary viral success and the Spinner is now in everyone’s hands and on every tongue.

More than just a game

The spinning top may not have been invented yesterday, but its anti-stress and concentration-improving qualities have just recently made the headlines. Kids can’t get enough of the Spinner, showing off skills and trying to outdo each other’s tricks, but adults have also jumped on the finger-distracting bandwagon. What better way to calm your nerves, than by having fun?

One Spinner, millions of imitations

The market is currently filled with fidget Spinners and it’s no wonder with so many possibilities at such a reasonable price. But for non-stop play and a smooth spin, it’s best to chose a quality Spinner. DeSerres has selected the most lightweight and durable model from the most affordable. So stop thinking and get spinning!

The Yoyo 2.0

Tired of juggling balls or ideas? Try juggling the Spinner!
  • Flat out

    With the caps on, spin it on a table top.

  • Between your fingers

    Hold the Spinner between your index finger and thumb and use your other hand to spin it.

  • On your fingertips

    Hold the Spinner between your index finger and thumb, set it spinning with your other hand then release your thumb.