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Fimo Clay Candies

Product Details

Use Fimo clay to create a variety of red and white candies, which you can then incorporate into your other Holiday crafts.


1. Knead the clay and form a half red disc and a half white disc of the same circumference.

2. Glue the two shapes together to form a single disc. Use the blade to cut the disc into eight same-size pie slices. 

3. Recreate another disc by alternating the different colour pie slices. Make sure that the slices fit tightly together.

4. Carefully roll the disc between your fingers to stretch out the shape. Use the blade to cut the roll in order to create candies of desired thickness.    

5. To create a candy cane, take the end of the roll between your fingers and twist. Then, form a candy cane shape.

6. Bake the pieces in the oven by following the instructions on the package and let cool. 

7. Varnish and let dry several hours. 


Wear gloves to avoid getting finger prints on your creations and to avoid staining your hands with the more darkly pigmented clay.

You will need:

  • Red and white Fimo modeling clay
  • Blade
  • Oven
  • Fimo gloss varnish

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