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Forest Event Project / Gift Wrap

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ScanNCut is the world's first home and hobby cutting machine with a built-in scanner. It can create outline cutting designs from a hand drawn sketch, original art, or something found in a magazine, without the use of a computer.


1. Assemble the gift boxes. 

2. Create a hand-drawn or digital template and upload it to the ScanNCut machine by scanning it using a USB key. 

3. Cut out a piece of adhesive film and stick it to the support for scanning. Adjust the machine blade to the thickness of the film and create the cutout. 

4. Unstick the cutout using a spatula.

5. Attach the film to the box to hold the lid in place. Add decorative string as a finishing touch. 

Duplicate the template on the adhesive film to create several cutouts at a time.

You will need:

  • ScanNCut machine
  • Gift boxes
  • Drawing template
  • Adhesive film
  • Decorative string

Used in This Project

Forest Event Project / Gift Wrap

Self-Adhesive Opaque Film


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