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Framed Spider Web

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Create crafts that are chic, original and even scary!


1. Set your hot glue gun to low temperature, if possible, and glue the plastic eyes to the frame. (It is preferable to use a wooden frame since a resin frame could melt when it comes into contact with the hot glue.)

2. Measure out a double length of yarn and attach one end to the back of the frame with a spot of hot glue. Reinforce the yarn by coating it with glue, and let dry.

3. Extend the yarn across the frame and glue the other end. Repeat by placing 5 or 6 lengths diagonally across the frame, being sure to have only one point of intersection. Wrap each length around the intersecting strands to create a more defined and solid central point.

4. Take a very long strand of yarn and fold it in half. Make a lark’s head knot using this strand of yarn and one of the strands attached to the frame, as close as possible to the moulding. (Lark’s head knot: the strand folded in half forms a loop at the fold. Place this loop under the strand attached to the frame. Pass the other end over the attached strand, and through the loop. Pull to create a knot.)

5. Pull the strand toward the right and wrap it around the next strand crossing the frame. Still toward the right, wrap the next strands one at a time, gradually approaching the centre. (It is also possible to make a knot to reinforce the intersection.)

6. Thread a few spider-shaped buttons through the long strand of yarn and place them wherever you like on the web. 

7. Wrap a last bit of yarn around the centre of the web and make a final knot. Cut the excess yarn.

8. Hang the frame on the wall as a decoration and pin small candy bags to it to give it a practical purpose.

You will need:

  • Wooden frame
  • Plastic eyes
  • Hot glue gun
  • Hot glue
  • Yarn
  • Spider-shaped buttons
  • Small candy bags
  • Small clothes pins

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