Freestyle tic-tac-toe

Relive your favourite summer moments with DeSerres.


  1. Mix the turquoise gouache with a small amount of white gouache.
  2. Paint the round with the turquoise mixture. Allow to dry.
  3. Paint 4 stones in purple. Allow to dry.
  4. Paint small black dots on each of the purple stones.
  5. Paint 5 stones in turquoise. Allow to dry.
  6. Paint a few black lines on the 5 turquoise stones.
  7. Stick the decorative eyes on the stones.
  8. Using the marker, draw 2 horizontal lines and 2 vertical lines on the wooden round to create the 9 tic-tac-toe compartments. That’s it! Game on!

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Freestyle tic-tac-toe

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Freestyle tic-tac-toe

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Freestyle tic-tac-toe

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