Mix it up for fresh inspiration!

Dare to be bold and leave your comfort zone! Mix various styles, explore different techniques and try new mediums. Take it outside and bask in the fresh air to renew your perspective and see your creativity blossom.

Mixed media: what is it?

It’s the art of using different painting and crafting techniques to blend various materials, which results in the creation of uniquely spirited pieces. Accessible to beginners while also offering multilayered complexity to accomplished artists, this creative approach has no limits (other than your imagination)!

Mixed media how-to

Incorporating various techniques and different mediums, creations are painted, glued and drawn. Artists play with oil’s luminosity and acrylic’s quick drying time. They layer materials like paper, fabric or metal to create relief and use markers or ink to add the final touches to their pieces. It’s all about artistic exploration. Have fun with it!

Tips for success

Tips and tricks from our artists to help you experiment with mixed media

  • PencilsZero wasteRecycle packaging, print materials and fabrics.
  • Delivery TruckKeep it lightDon’t overload your creations.
  • Dollar SignCohabitationDifferent mediums have different drying times!
  • Picture FrameNatural mixCreating near a tree? Add some bark to your piece!
  • Gift BoxDon’t fly blind Research your mediums before you use them.

Everything you need for your next mixed media project

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