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  1. Box of 20 Drawing Markers
    Set of 20 medium point markers in bright colours.

    • Felt tip
    • Waterbased ink
    • Line width: 1 mm
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  2. 1 Metre of DeSerres Modeling Clay
    The 1-metre modeling clay kit includes 14 containers of soft, brightly-coloured modeling clay made according to EN71 standards. Excellent value for the money. Ages: 3 years and up. 

    Colours included: White, light yellow, lemon yellow, orange, red, dark pink, apple-green, dark green, light blue, dark blue, violet, grey, brown and black.

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  3. Box of Midi Hama Beads (10 000)

    Hama Beads are plastic beads that can be fused together with an iron to create pictures and toys. The beads are placed one by one on a pegboard and then ironed until the beads are fused together. Once cooled, they can be removed from the reusable pegboard and placed on a wall, bookshelf, or anywhere else you want your design to be seen. Ages 5 years and up.


    • 10 000 Midi Hama beads (5 mm)

    • Instructions

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  4. Snazaroo Party Pack Face Painting Kit
    Snazaroo face and body make-up kit includes 6 colours, 2 glitter gels, 2 iridescent water-based blushes, 3 make-up brushes, 4 sponges and 1 make-up guide. 
    Snazaroo make-up colours are easily applied and give vibrant colours. Only one coat is needed for achieving beautiful make-up. Make-up can be removed with soap and water. The Snazaroo kit includes enough materials for applying up to 50 make-ups.
    Colours: black, green, white, yellow, red, blue. 
    Important notes:
    Product not tested on animals. 
    It is recommended to test product on a small skin surface before applying. Learn More
  5. 300 pc puzzle – “Evening at the Waterhole”
    Educational and fun for the whole family, this large format puzzle features a high quality image with a cardboard backing. Once completed, the puzzle can be glued together to make a room decoration, or put away to enjoy re-doing later.

    Ages: 9 years and up
    Pieces:  300
    Dimensions: 19.5" x 14.25"
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5 Products(s)

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