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Pebbly Cactus Garden

Don't have a green thumb? This might be the perfect project for you! Build an indoor rock garden of cacti to decorate your home or office space. With a little paint and some imagination, you can grow almost anything!


How to Make Painted Rock Garden


Step 1: Wash and dry your rocks to make sure all the dirt is removed before painting. Paint a solid coat of acrylic paint onto the rocks. You may need to apply several coats to achieve an even coverage.


Step 2: With a smaller paintbrush, add details to your rock with a contrasting or complementary colour.


Step 3: Once your rocks are dry, fill a pot with dirt and arrange your rocks in it or place them in your garden outside. Enjoy your low-maintenance greenery!

You will need:

  • Acylic paint
  • Paintbrushes
  • White glue
  • Rocks of various sizes


Optional: Planter pot and dirt, googly eyes, glue gun

  • Adult supervision is required.


  • To create a more dynamic plant shape, glue rocks together using a glue gun.

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