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Studio XL oil set - 30 colours


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This is theonly range of oil that offers a palette of colours and effects as diverse:traditional colours, light or pastel colours, bright modern colours--withoutforgetting the ready-to-use unique transparent glazing colours and iridescentDyna colours. All these colours are compatible with each other and offer amultitude or sumptuous mixtures.


The 200ml tubepackaging and formulation makes it a product suited for larger works.


Colours:Intense, permanent and remarkable resistance to thermal and photo-oxidation.The appropriate pigments have been chosen to provide similar colours to theextra fine oils with an excellent value for money.

Viscosity isconsistent from one colour to the next.

Thinner:Essential oil or petroleum, oils or mediums depending on the desired effect


Clean brusheswith essential oil of petroleum.


Surfaces:Canvas, cardboard, wood, etc.

Drying: Driesto the touch in 3-6 days for an average application.

***Please note:Allow 6 to 9 months of drying before varnishing work.

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  • Multicolored
  • P920131
  • 30 X 20 ML
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