Printing on Adhesive Paper

To dress up all or part of a wall, to create a customized headboard, or to expand your living room horizon, these adhesives enliven every room.

  • Textured, satin finish
  • Resistant to scratches and humidity
  • Contains 30% recycled fibers
  • Repositionable: does not damage painted surfaces
  • Opaque
  • No PVC, phthalates, lead, cadmium, or heavy metals
  • Thickness of 9 mil/253 gsm

Dimensions of sections
Murals bigger than 54 in (137 cm) will be divided into sections of 18 or 24 inches with an overlap of .5 in (12mm) to aid with installation.

Format and dimensions of photos
To make a mural from a photo, it must be a high enough resolution. Images will be manually verified before being printed. A good guideline is to have approximately 10 pixels per centimeter or 25 pixels per inch.

If a mural is being placed from floor-to-ceiling or from wall-to-wall, calculate 6 inches (15cm) more to be sure it is big enough when installed. The excess can be trimmed easily with a retractable knife.

Mural dimensions
3 ft x 5 ft (91cm x 152cm) must be at least 900 x 1500 megapixels (from a 1.3MP camera)
8 ft x 10 ft (243 cm x 304cm) must be at least 2400 x 3000 pixels (from a 7.2MP camera)
10 ft x 20 ft (305cm x 610 cm) must be at least 3000 x 6000 pixels (from a 18MP camera)
* Compression, the camera, and the cropping of the photo might influence the quality of the photo.

We accept the following files: .tif, .jpg, .eps, and .pdf, which can be on: DVD-ROM, CD-ROM, USB sticks, and SD cards. We can also digitize your original documents.

Please note that from extremely close up, the murals look slightly pixelated. This is completely normal. Vector images are the only exception. Murals will look stunning from a just a few steps away.

The prices will vary; those that are displayed in this listing represent costs of the noted sizes only.

Our printing services use files according to their proportions. It is possible to change the aspect ratio according to your wishes at no extra cost.

Printing services are not done in-store, but in a studio, therefore it it necessary to consider this when ordering. Speak with one of our framing specialists for more details.