Printing on Adhesive Vinyl

  • Satin finish with a subtle texture
  • No VOC emissions (volatile organic compounds)
  • Removable (it does not damage the paint on the wall)
  • Available finishes: opaque (vinyl) and translucent (frosted film)
  • 5 mm thick, allowing it to be used on a variety of surfaces, such as a counter.

Classic Option
Create a striking and original mural with a matte vinyl that is pre-glued and easy to install.

Frosted Option (privacy screen)
Create a luminous and translucent effect for a window by applying a removable vinyl film. Ensure your privacy without preventing light from entering.

Paper Option
Create a grandiose art piece using pre-glued vinyl that is easy to install. The matte finish reproduces the look of canvas.

Size and Dimension of the Photo
To print mural size, the image quality and the resolution must be adequate. The file that you submit is always manually checked. For reference, the file must have a resolution of at least 10 pixels/cm or 25 pixels/inch, based on the final size of the print.

Do note that, unless it was created from a vectorial file, a mural print may appear slightly out of focus or pixelated when looked at up close. A mural’s resolution is maximized at a distance that allows you to view the image in its entirety.

We accept the following formats: TIF, JPG, EPS and PDF.