Printing on Aluminium

Printing on aluminum panels give amazing results. The metal shows through the photo and it draws attention to the image from every angle. They are perfect for decorating kitchens and bathrooms because they are waterproof and easy to clean.

The images are printed on a polished aluminum surface which is bonded to a PVC foam (Sintra) to create a lightweight product with low texture. The images are printed using an overlay technique that replaces the white in the image by the exposed aluminum surface.

Note that this technique is not appropriate for all types of images as it reduces the intensity of colors. If there is any white in the image to be printed, it might look gray because of the metal underneath. Pale portraits may also appear gray. This type of printing is well suited to high-contrast images, urban scenes, abstract art and still life subjects.

  • Brushed texture
  • Thickness: 2 mm
  • Maximum dimensions: 48 inches x 96 inches

We accept DVD-ROMs, CD-ROMs, USB keys, SD cards, and we can also digitize your original document/work.

The prices will vary; those that are displayed in this listing represent the cost of printing without a base.

Our printing services use files according to their proportions. It is possible to change the aspect ratio according to your wishes at no extra cost.

Printing services are not done in-store, but in a studio, therefore it it necessary to consider this when ordering. Speak with one of our framing specialists for more details.