Printing on Lamination

A timeless classic that protects your images, posters and souvenirs.

  • Several lamination supports are offered:
  • Lamination on 3/8 inch plaque or 1 inch casing
  • Maximum dimensions: 48 inches x 96 inches
  • Economic
  • Robust and durable

Note that unique prints (old degrees or photos) can not be recovered after this procedure.

We accept DVD-ROMs, CD-ROMs, USB keys, SD cards, and we can also digitize your original document/work.

The prices will vary; those that are displayed in this listing represent cost of lamination on a 3/8 inch plaque only. any printing services cost will be added to the final cost.

Our printing services use files according to their proportions. It is possible to change the aspect ratio according to your wishes at no extra cost.

Printing services are not done in-store, but in a studio, therefore it it necessary to consider this when ordering. Speak with one of our framing specialists for more details.