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Custom Printing

A Wall Customized to your Image

DeSerres’ custom printing service offers a wide range of printing mediums of various sizes to make your memories come alive and to conserve your most cherished images.

Discover our mediums and print finishes.

  • Photo paper
  • Canvas
  • Acrylic
  • Foam board
  • Cork
  • Aluminum
  • Wood
  • Vinyl for murals
  • Arches paper
  • Lamination
  • Digitalization of Artwork
  • Conserve your most beautiful memories thanks to our high quality photo printing.

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  • Transform your photos into artwork by printing on canvas. Choose a single canvas, or let your creativity go wild by making a diptych, a triptych, etc.

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  • Acrylic (plexiglass) is a rigid, synthetic and transparent medium. It is ideal for increasing the luminosity and the depth of a photo while protecting it from humidity. Your artwork, directly printed on acrylic, will be brilliant!

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  • Light, resistant and economical, foam board is very easily hung on, or attached to, a wall. This medium, made from a sheet of foam glued between two thin cardboard panels, is ideal when printing models, visual advertising, plans, information tables, etc.

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  • Cork is a medium specifically created for printing using black or white ink. It can be glued to a sheet of foam board to create an art piece that is light and easy to hang. You can them customize it by pinning photos or drawings to it using thumbtacks.

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  • The texture of brushed aluminum enhances your artwork by increasing the contrast. This overprinting technique removes the image’s highlights to expose the aluminum surface and emphasizes the shadows. The aluminum is glued to a sheet of PVC (Sintra) foam board to create a light mount that is easy to hang.

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  • Printing on plywood offers a natural look to your images by allowing the wood grain to show through.

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  • To decorate a wall, to cover a window, to create a custom head board or to expand the horizon of your living room, adhesive murals are only limited by your imagination!

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  • For original artwork printed in a limited quantity or for custom decorative prints, print your favourite images on classic acid-free aquarelle paper.

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  • Lamination is an economical choice if you cherish your images, posters and memories and want to protect them.

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  • Your first masterpiece is garnering attention and your friends and acquaintances all want a copy? A high-resolution scan of your artwork will allow you to make unlimited copies. You can even choose the medium for the reproduction and change the final size to adapt it to your needs. Print as many reproductions as you wish for exhibitions, art shows, etc.


Every project is different! Printing costs are calculated according to the specific characteristics of your project (medium, size, colours, finishes, quantity, etc.). This information is required to provide an accurate price. Do consult an in-store expert for help creating your project.


Printing takes two weeks and is done in our off-site workshop. If you require a quicker service or if you have an urgent need, you can inquire with one of our in-store framers about the possibility of faster service.

Accepted File Formats and Digital Mediums

We accept the following file formats for images: TIF, JPG, EPS and PDF. You can bring us your files on your preferred digital medium (CD, USB key or SD card).