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Quilling: Spring Flowers

Discover how to pair simple quilling techniques to create little spring flowers. Whether they’re yellow, pink, white or blue, the fun part is learning to use these thin paper strips to make lovely things!


1. To create the sprigs of foliage, follow the steps in the project Quilling: Foliage

2. To create flower petals, follow the steps in the project Quilling: Basic Shapes. For each flower, make at least two teardrop shapes and one almond shape.

3. Arrange the different shapes to find the perfect combination of shapes.

4. Glue the sides of the shapes to hold them together.


Glue the flowers and foliage on a greeting card or on any other creative project!

You can also glue your creation on a piece of cardboard and frame it. Choose a shadow box or a deep frame so as not to crush the paper strips. Add ornaments to complete the project!

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Quilling: Spring Flowers

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