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Talens Van Gogh

Van Gogh Oil Colour, Basic set of 10 colours


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These pure-pigment paints are particularly easy to mix and work with because all colours in the range have virtually the same degree of gloss and viscosity, and require about the same amount of time to dry. With good to excellent lightfastness, the colours remain rich and glossy over time. 

Van GoghOil Colours have been developed for artists who are searching for quality andexceptional value. These paints are often used by professional artists forunder-painting or covering large amounts of space on the canvas.

The BasicSet features 10 elemental oil colours in 20 ml tubes:

  • Alizarincrimson

  • Burntsienna

  • Cadmiumred

  • Cadmiumyellow

  • Ivoryblack

  • Phthaloblue

  • Ultramarinedeep

  • Viridian

  • Yellowochre

  • Zinc white

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  • TV10
  • 20 ML
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