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Discovery workshop: Dacryl range

Workshop Details

Wednesday, January 26th at 5:30 P.M. (EST)
Duration : 1 hour
Teacher : Renée Fredette

FREE | Offered online via ZOOM | Capacity : 100 persons
This workshop is available in French or English.

*Open to ZONE members only

The workshop will be recorded and a link will be sent to you to watch it later.

Description of the workshop :

In this virtual demo we will explore in depth the creative possibilities and properties of the Dacryl range. Dacryl is a range of acrylic paints and mediums made locally by passionate artists and professionals.

Let’s see together how these acrylic paints and mediums can be incorporated in different ways into our current artistic practice.

Step by step, Renée will show you all of them.

Don't miss your chance to discover them during this exclusive demonstration for Zone members!

List of Acrylics:

• Dacryl Acrylic Gouache
• Dacryl Professional Liquid Acrylic
• Dacryl Student-Grade Acrylic
• Dacryl Low-Viscosity Acrylic
• Dacryl Studio Acrylic
• Dacryl Glitter Acrylic Paint
• Dacryl Metallic Acrylic
• Dacryl UV Black Light Acrylic

List of Mediums:

• Dacryl Professional Gloss Medium
• Dacryl Professional Pouring Medium
• Dacryl Professional Matte Medium
• Dacryl Professional Gloss Gel Medium
• Dacryl Professional Gesso
• Dacryl professional Modelling Paste

About the artist:

Renee Fredette is a (mostly) self taught multi-disciplinary visual artist from Ottawa, Ontario. Her works are varied as she tends to follow along where inspiration takes her. She loves to play and discover new tools, mediums and techniques and her style evolves as she learns and grows. Most of her work is in acrylic, watercolour, or a mix of multi-media.

She is an active participant in the local Artawa group and you may have watched her painting at an Art Battle or seen some of her work displayed at shows around town. She is passionate about giving others the tools and information they need to help them grow and feel inspired to play and have fun with art.

English workshop

French workshop