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Discovery Workshop – New Liquitex Acrylic Mediums

Unlock the possibilities!

Workshop Details

Wednesday, October 20th at 5 P.M. (EST)
Duration : 1 hour
Teacher : Elissa Baltzer

FREE | Offered online via ZOOM | Capacity : 100 persons
This workshop is available in French or English.
*Open to ZONE members only

Description of the workshop :

In this virtual demo we will explore in depth the creative possibilities and properties of the 8 new mediums from Liquitex!

Let’s see together how these mediums can be incorporated in different ways into our current artistic practice. From Crackle Paste to Gold Metallic Medium, these mediums will hold no secrets for you.

Step by step, Elissa will show you all of them.

Don't miss your chance to discover them during this exclusive demonstration for Zone members!

An exclusive offer will be shared with you during the workshop.

List of the mediums:

• Gold Metallic Medium
• Silver Metallic Medium
• Silkscreen Medium
• Masking Fluid
• Satin Medium
• Satin Gel
• Crackle Paste
• Glass Medium

About Elissa: Montreal based artist and illustrator, known for her imaginative and unique exploratory approach based on the use of random form and lines, Elissa teaches and leads workshops for artists of all levels.

English workshop

French workshop