Set of 15 Tri-Art Essential Mediums

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Set of 15 Tri-Art Essential Mediums

Experiment with the Tri-Art Essential Acrylic Medium Set. This set includes 15, 2 oz jars of a variety of mediums from base coats to final finishes. 

Mediums included
Black Gesso: Offers superior covering power and flexibility. Dries to a matte black finish that can be easily sanded to provide a smoother ground.
Clear Gesso: A self-leveling, tintable ground with all the advantages of a traditional gesso. Dries to a translucent, matte and lightly toothy, sandable finish.
Final Finish Semi Gloss: A self-leveling polymer designed to unify the luster of a finished painting. Can be tinted with transparent liquid acrylics.
Glazing Medium Gloss: Create luminous glazes with a gloss finish. Dries clear and retains subtle brush marks.
Gloss Gel Medium: In essence, high viscosity paint without pigment capable of holding texture detail. An excellent colour extender or impasto glazing medium.
Low Viscosity Polymer: This gel, thick yet easy to manipulate, will hold smooth textures and will extend and add body to liquid acrylic colours.
Modeling Gel Clear: An ultra-thick gel capable of holding extreme texture.
Modeling Paste: Useful for building up surfaces, stiff peaks and crisp, rigid textures. Dries to a matte, opaque and extremely white finish.
Modeling Paste Clear: Delivers superior peak and detail holding capabilities. Grey-white when wet but will dry translucent, matte and can be tinted.
Nephaline Gel Coarse: Create flexible, granular textures & interesting surfaces for mixed media applications.
Opacifying Medium: Radically opacify transparent and semi-opaque colours without white! Retains the true hue of the colour while providing hiding power.
Polymer Medium Matte: Used for thinning and extending any viscosity of acrylic paint. Adds a small amount of tooth to a surface and dries to a translucent finish.
Retarder: A thin water-based product designed to slow down the drying time of acrylic colours. Mix with colours and mediums at up to 15%. A larger proportion of Retarder to colour can negatively effect permanence and film integrity.
Self-Leveling Gel Matte: Creates thick, level glazes without brush strokes. Dries to a level, matte film which can be etched into when partially dry to create encaustic-like effects.
UV Stabilizing Medium Gloss: Provides lightfastness and weatherability. Dries to a semi-gloss, water-permanent film.
Made in Canada

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