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Discover Chalk Paint

Look around you. You can probably find one or two pieces of furniture that could use a revamp. What if we told you that you can breathe new life into old furniture thanks to DeSerres’s newest arrival: chalk paint.

When it comes to revamping furniture, chalk paint can save you a lot of time. No need for primer, sanding or stripping, the paint is ready to apply, even on varnished furniture. Plus, it offers exceptional coverage—a single coat is enough to cover your surface! And if you want to give your project a satin or glossy finish, simply add a touch of wax to the chalk paint when dry.
You can use so many different techniques to apply chalk paint. Some prefer using a simple brush to give a smooth, matte finish to their project. Others enjoy using a rag to give it a vintage, antique look. Some even use stencils, which are most definitely trending right now. Just be creative. Whatever you choose, chalk paint application techniques are known for being very easy.
DeSerres chalk paint can be applied on many surfaces, such as metal, wood, glass, ceramic or canvas. So, there’s no shortage of project ideas with this medium! You can refresh an old piece of furniture from a family member, add punch to a new piece of furniture that’s a little boring, paint a lamp base, an easel, a frame; the possibilities are endless!
Available in 16 stylish colours, chalk paint can be used in so many different projects. It will blend in perfectly with your home and will allow you to easily revamp furniture you love.