Mini Abstract Gouache Paintings Mounted on a Gallery Wood Panel

A splash of colour and creativity to brighten your days!
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Mini Abstract Gouache Paintings Mounted on a Gallery Wood Panel



Our creative accomplice Ismérie Anglade walks you through a simple and soothing activity to add colour to your days. Create gallery box frames using a wood panel and foam board. Unleash your creativity and let colour move you!

Step 1:

Get your paints and brushes ready. You can mix your primary colours to get the colours that inspire you.

Step 2:

Grab several sheets from your paint pad. Tip: Divide your large sheets into four to avoid wasting paper! Paint abstract shapes in the colours of your choice.

Step 3:

To paint pretty rainbow patterns, add a few drops of paint in assorted colours on one side of your sheet. Take a thick piece of cardboard and spread the paint by making the shape of a wave.

Step 4:

Let your artwork dry.

Step 5:

While waiting for the paint to dry, measure your frame. Here, we used the reverse side of the gallery wood panel to create a gallery box frame and give the artwork a sense of depth. Calculate how many small squares you can place inside your panel. This particular panel allows us to fit 12 painted squares measuring 4.5 cm each.

Step 6:

To add more depth, cut 12 squares measuring 4 cm each into your adhesive foamboard with an X-Acto. Glue the foamboard squares inside your wood panel.

Step 7:

Make yourself a small template (4.5 x 4.5 cm) on a sheet of paper or cardboard to make it easier to trace your squares. Cut them out using your X-Acto and a ruler.

Step 8:

Glue your mini paintings to each foam board. Use multiple panels to make frame combinations!