Useful tips to keep a well-organized studio

We’re sharing our best secrets for creating your ideal art studio … so you can focus solely on unleashing your creativity!

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Useful tips to keep a well-organized studio

These days, home has become somewhat of a sacred space, and many of you have taken this opportunity to revamp your humble abode: redecorating your living room, meticulously tidying up your closet, redesigning your backyard – but have you considered rearranging your studio? Whether or not you’ve already embarked on this project in the last few months, there’s always room for improvement, right? That’s why we’re sharing our best secrets for creating your ideal art studio … so you can focus solely on unleashing your creativity!


Whether it’s through soft, natural sunlight or a special lighting arrangement, having just the right amount of light can fuel your creative process. If your studio space permits, we recommend placing your worktable near a window to get your dose of vitamin D on sunny days. You can also install a free-standing light fixture, as well as a ceiling light, to ensure you have the perfect amount of light no matter where you choose to create, and most importantly, no matter the hour (we hear you, night owls!).


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When we think of ergonomics, we often think of a workspace, but a studio space should be just as ergonomically friendly—especially since we often spend long hours in there! The key to an ergonomically friendly studio is to choose equipment that can be adjusted to your needs. Whether it's an angled drawing table, an adjustable sit-stand desk, a retractable chair or an adjustable easel, all these options will help make your space more ergonomic, which will ultimately improve your overall health. Think about your posture! It's essential for creative success.


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Artists are often perceived as slightly disorganized—and a little messy—but that's why we’re here to help! First, it’s important to understand that a tidy studio leads to a tidy mind, which ultimately results in more creativity. Plus, it’s much easier to find things in a well-organized studio—so you’ll spend less time looking for the right paintbrush and more time behind your canvas. Naturally, many storage options including furniture, boxes, wall installations or shelving already exist, but you can also get creative by recycling containers and materials of all kinds to revamp and reorganize your space. Keeping a space well-organized also means keeping it clean! So make sure you have everything you need to clean your workspace and tools close-by after each session. For example, brush soap can quickly become an interesting decorative piece!


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From floors to walls and ceilings, whatever is of value to you in your studio should be protected from potential paint splashes—especially beautiful hardwood flooring! Finished artwork should also be well protected to avoid any potential damages. You can cover these items with plastic wrap or store them in a specially designed shelf. Accidents happen so fast, don't take any chances!


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