Good Vibes Calligraphy Poster

Sunny spring days bring a sense of renewal and optimism on the fresh breeze.
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Sunny spring days bring a sense of renewal and optimism on the fresh breeze. That's why we called on our calligraphy expert Ambassador and calligraphy expert Elizabeth Zhang to design a colourful poster with a positive message to hang in your home.


  • Canson Marker Paper 
  • DeSerres Photo Frame 
  • Tombow Dual Brush Pen - Bright Palette 
  • Winsor and Newton Fineliners 0.1 and 0.3 
  • White Gelly Roll 
  • Molotow Round Black Liner 
  • Pencil
  • Eraser 
  • Ruler


Step 1

Sketch out your design with a pencil. 

  • Mark the middle point of the paper both on the horizontal and vertical axis to ensure that your design will be centered. Split the paper into sections depending on the number of words in your quote.
  • When adding words, start with the middle letter on the midpoint line.


Step 2

Add style to your letters with different techniques:

  • Faux calligraphy: Add thickness to the left side of each letter to create more depth
  • Block letters: Add thickness to your capital letters, and triangular bottoms to the end of each stroke to create serif letters.
  • Ribbons: Add simple ribbons to your designs for a fun look!
  • Flowers and leaves: Decorate the remaining space on your paper with some simple flowers and leaves. Since the layout is centered, you can mirror one side’s design on the opposite side to create a coherent piece!


 Step 3

Get creative with colours!

  • Go over the words you sketched out with a grey marker, then erase the pencil markings.


  • Add colour to your layout with markers. If you are using water-based blendable markers like the Tombow dual brush pens, you can blend colours easily! Always remember to start with the darker colour first, then go over and blend with the lighter colour.


Add details to your letters by: 

  • Outlining your letters with a black fineliner 
  • Adding white lines inside your letters 
  • Adding shadows with a grey marker 
  • Adding shadows with a black fineliner


Step 4

Frame your artwork!