Intro to DIY Lino Printing in 3 Fun Ways!

Our creative accomplice Hey Maca walks you through the art of linocut printing in 4 steps. Turn off your screens, roll up your sleeves, and create something amazing with your hands!
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Intro to DIY Lino Printing in 3 Fun Ways!



It’s always a great time to follow your creative impulses and try new art mediums, like printmaking! Linocut printing is a fun process where you carve your favourite designs into linoleum using a special lino cutter, add printing ink, and transfer your pattern to any surface: paper, wood, fabric…The possibilities are endless! Are you ready? Let’s do this!

Step 1: Draw

Let’s start by drawing your design, we sketched different forms with a pencil directly into the linoleum block.

Step 2: Carve

Now, carve out using a carving tool selecting a medium blade and start with the border of the design. Tip: try not to carve too deeply, and be patient in this step, you’ll need it!

Step 3: Ink

Pour the ink directly into the ink tray and use the roller making sure it has enough ink to roll it on your newly carved designs evenly.

Step 4: Print

Transfer the ink to your surface by pressing lightly and removing it. Repeat this printing process with different ink colours by rinsing the roll, ink tray and starting again. Let it fully dry for a few hours.

What will you make with this technique?