Mélyna Leclerc

"What I love most about creating a piece of art is the sense of freedom it brings me"
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Mélyna Leclerc

Fluid paint is no longer the stuff of mystery for Mélyna Leclerc. She’s been pouring for years now and has the techniques down to a science.

“What I love most about creating a piece of art is the sense of freedom it brings me—the freedom to choose my colours, textures and finishes. The freedom to create, express my emotions and convey a message. As human beings, we’re all free; but too often we become hung up on social conventions. With my art, I want to break out of those conventions and inspire people to be who they want to be, without holding back.”

Art has given her better insight into herself and allowed her to express her colourful, extroverted personality. “Each piece is an outlet for my life experiences and travels, and for nature’s influence on my soul. My creative energy melds with my spirit and my passion for creating unique pieces that send a message."

Mélyna’s rich and varied background is an endless source of inspiration. Anyone who takes the time to watch her work will discover a passionate artist. “My creative process is guided by instinct, a craving for freedom, and intention. Before starting any new canvas, I tap into what it is that I want to express and the message I want to convey. I like to think of myself as a visual messenger. I take an emotion, a thought or a desire, and I express it in its purest form. Sometimes, the entire process happens instinctively and it’s only once I’ve finished the canvas and take a step back from my work that I really understand the message.”

Fluid painting seems to have been a revelation for the DeSerres artist and expert: “Pouring speaks to people in a very specific way. It teaches us to let go of our preconceived notions and open ourselves up to what’s right there in front of us, without trying to control anything. You just have to surrender yourself to technique and trust in the process.”

To her credit, the eco-conscious Mélyna has developed ways of practising her art that are respectful of the environment. “Over time, I’ve come up with tips and tricks that not only protect the planet but keep my waste to a minimum.” She reuses all her plastic containers, using some as stands for her canvases and recycling others after peeling off the layer of dried acrylic inside. Way to create and save the planet at the same time!

Her experience at DeSerres

Mélyna shares her enthusiasm and love for art in workshops that she’s been giving at our stores for the past year. “I now have the opportunity to share my passion with the community and help people get back in touch with their inner artist. I love to inspire people to be creative. For me, it’s a crucial way to maintain mental and emotional balance. Creativity can be expressed in many ways, but art is the most natural outlet for me.”

Mélyna's artwork

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