Lysa Jordan

"Through creating, I manage to express an emotion with the world, to get it out of me somehow."
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Lysa Jordan

The minute you meet painter Lysa Jordan, you instantly feel a gentle sense of calm. Perhaps you’ll feel the same way when you look at her artwork, as she says art allows her to express herself, to communicate her emotions through a language of her own.

Her career path

Lysa’s artistic journey began at a very young age thanks to her grandmother: “I’m very lucky my grandmother Denise Jordan, who is also a painter, babysat me as a child. My love for painting took shape at a very young age. My sister and I grew up in an environment that allowed us to discover a wide range of mediums, to explore and to express ourselves freely.”

From her many memories of drawing with her mother and sister to the impact her brother-in-law had in choosing her field of study, Lysa’s practice is largely influenced by family. Inspired by her brother-in-law, Lysa studied Visual Arts at the Université de Sherbrooke. It was a bold choice at the time, but one that really contributed to her development as an artist: “I thought it was a big risk, but my partner was very supportive throughout this period. I don’t regret this decision; the program really helped me get where I am today artistically.”

Now a professional painter, art plays a large role in her life: “For me, art really is a means of expression. It’s a practice that allows me to feel free, like I’m accomplishing something. Through creating, I manage to express an emotion with the world, to get it out of me somehow. Art has become a sort of refuge, a world of my own filled with contrasting colours and movements.”

Her inspirations

Emotions inspire and guide Lysa’s creativity, but she also gets inspired by nature and her time spent in the great outdoors. “I take the time to breathe in fresh air and look at water as often as possible. When I get home, I pay attention to what I feel; the thoughts and images that come to mind. Then I start working. I base my work on colours, textures or lines that I saw and loved. My artwork varies a lot according to seasons, as I get inspired by the different sights and colours.”

It goes without saying that we, at DeSerres, are very lucky to be able to work with inspired and inspiring artists like Lysa—artists who embody the freedom to create! We’re so happy to have Lysa join our growing DeSerres family as an ambassador.

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