Technique: How to Create Flower-Inspired Abstract Artwork By Lysa Jordan

Inspiration is often closer than you think! Freely create nature-inspired abstract artwork. 
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Inspiration is often closer than you think! Artist Lysa Jordan is an expert at conveying emotions through colour and movement in her artwork. In this simple technique, you’ll discover some of her tips and tricks, so that you too can freely create nature-inspired abstract artwork. Get your brushes ready!


  • Arches Paper: cold-pressed 7 x 10 in
  • Daniel Smith watercolour
  • Brush: synthetic Raphaël 4
  • Oil pastel: Mungyo
  • Watercolour pan set: Mungyo
  • White pen: Gelly Roll 08
  • Uni POSCA 0.7 mm



Step 1 :

Choose a flower (it doesn’t have to be a real flower; it can also be a picture). Slowly examine the flower. Memories or words may come to mind, take the time to write them down. For this example, I chose a tulip and I identified a few words that quickly came to mind.

Step 2 :

Prepare your watercolours. I begin by squeezing some watercolour paint onto the metal part of my palette. I like Daniel Smith’s pinks and greens, so I added some to my palette for this technique. I then activate my watercolours with a little water; you can do this with your brush or a spray bottle.

Step 3 :

I then begin to follow the lines, I let the flower guide me, looking at its movements and contrasting details. I don’t look at my sheet too much, I follow the lines without trying to recreate the flower too closely. The goal is to maintain the flower’s essence and movements, to maintain your emotions.

Step 4 :

I then like to add a bit of pen detailing to my composition. I enjoy following the same movements I just created, amplifying them and giving them more body.

Step 5 :

Finally, I add oil pastel. I still work with the flower’s movements, and I also like to imagine new lines or strokes to add a whimsical feel