Photo Albums

Store, organize and view your photos with photo albums! DeSerres offers a wide range of albums in different formats and different colours for all your printed photos. On top of being practical, photo albums will protect your precious memories for years to come.


There are 3 kinds of photo albums:

  • Albums with pocket sleeves: This type of photo album allows you to slip in your photos into pockets of the same size.
  • Traditional photo album: This type of photo album allows you to insert your photos between a page and a transparent sheet that you will have to stick yourself using glue or adhesive accessories. The advantage is its flexible layout and ability to accommodate different photo formats.
  • Traditional photo album with self-adhesive pages: This type of album has the same characteristics as the traditional albums described above but with self-adhesive pages.

Photo albums: Keep your memories organized!

Photo albums are the ideal way to preserve and organize your most precious memories. They make it easy to store and view the photos you've printed.

Personalize your photo albums

Photo albums are a popular choice for those who enjoy having something tangible that can be flipped through and shared with others. Albums can also be personalized with unique decorations and designs to make each album even more special.