A program of virtual workshops to take advantage of all the moments of creation!


What do our students think of our workshops?

“I Just finished Kat's class in mixed media. The class was easy to follow and I learned alot. I have been trying to find my style and medium for art and really wanted to try oil pastels. I loved the idea of being able to mix medias. Kat gave the class a number of exercises to do to explore different techniques. After taking her class, I will definitely be trying more of these styles. Thanks so much!”
- ekimap

“I have taken 3 painting classes from Kat; acrylic, watercolour and oil. She is a very talented artist and great teacher. Her classes were a lot of fun and Informative. I will definitely be taking more of her Zoom classes in the future.”
- Wendy

“It has been my privilege to have had several classes with Kathryn as my instructor. She brings the same level of professionalism to every class whether it’s beginner or advanced and makes each class entertaining and enjoyable. She is willing to share all her knowledge with her students and is prepared to answer any question no matter how simple. Her encouragement and direction has allowed me to explore new styles and techniques enabling me to become a better artist.”
- Bill

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