How to make a watercolour greeting card without a paintbrush

This is a thoughtful gift idea for the mothers in your circle. You will only need  watercolour pencils and markers!
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With Mother’s Day around the corner, our DeSerres ambassador Lysa Jordan has a thoughtful gift idea for the mothers in your circle: why not make a one-of-a-kind watercolour greeting card! And yes, you read correctly: you won’t need a paintbrush—only watercolour pencils and markers!
Happy watercolouring!


  • Watercolour paper
  • Watercolour markers
  • Watercolour pencils



Step 1

Fold your sheet of paper in half to make a greeting card.

Start with a few strokes using a light-coloured marker. Try changing your pressure to vary the style of your strokes and the colour intensity.

Step 2

Create layers with other types of lines. Add some leaves to give your card a spring feeling. 

Step 3

Use different colours to create an interesting composition. Once your marker layers dry, you can add strokes and superimpose your lines.

Step 4

After adding several layers and strokes, you can use colouring pencils to enhance your composition with a different variation and texture.

Step 5

And for the cherry on the sundae, why not add a little decorative thread and a gift tag?