Pottery, Sculpting & Modelling

Take your creativity to new heights with our sculpting and modelling essentials. Enjoy this wonderful creative hobby and make unique artwork with our modelling and sculpting products.

Discover modelling
Modelling is a trending creative hobby. It consists of working with one or several malleable materials, such as polymer clay or clay, in order to produce the shape you want. Accessible to both adults and children, modelling invites you to use your imagination to create unique pieces.

After baking or drying the clay, admire your one-of-a-kind handmade creation. Personalize it, keep it, or even offer it as a gift! 

A wide range of modelling materials
Modelling clay, polymer clay, oven or air-drying clay in different colours...the options are endless. Choose the supplies that best respond to your creative urges! FIMO clay is ideal if you are looking to create small figurines, jewelry, decor pieces, and festive ornaments.

Self-hardening modelling clay
Self-hardening clay does not require baking. Once dry, the clay becomes solid and highly durable, and can be covered with any kind of paint or varnish.

Polymer sculpting pastes
Polymer pastes are highly flexible pastes that are pleasant to work with for modelling. They do not stick to fingers, do not stain, and are odourless. Your sculpted pieces will have a shiny finish.

FIMO modelling pastes
FIMO pastes are extremely easy to knead and ready to use in no time. They make sculpting and modelling fun for the whole family!

Modelling tools 
You will surely need several tools and accessories for your sculpting and modelling projects. Ribbon wire, shaping tools, sculpting knives and other accessories to cut and sculpt your polymer clay or pastes. 

Hand-sculpted clay decorations
Use moulds with your polymer paste or clay to give it the shape you want. After baking or drying your creation, use it to enhance your decor.

For kids
We offer DIY pottery kits in lovely box sets: kids love these creative kits to learn to mould, unmould and decorate their clay creations to their heart's content!