At DeSerres, our mission is to instill the freedom to create into everyday life.
And we want to do it responsibly.

Our recycling program

We created an art material recycling program in partnership with a company that shares our values: Terracycle.

Operating in over 20 countries, Terracycle is an environmentally friendly company that recycles waste that is generally considered non-recyclable, so that it can be transformed and reused. In addition to their recycling programs, a portion of proceeds raised through the participation of companies like DeSerres is then donated to non-profit organizations.

Through this recycling program, which aims to recycle art materials that are considered "non-recyclable", we have recycled more than 2,000 litres of products –that’s over 8,000 250 ml jars of DeSerres acrylic paint in one year!

What happens to your waste?

The waste collected in our stores is mechanically and/or manually separated into metals, fibres and plastics. Metals are melted down so that they can be recycled. Fibres (such as paper and wood products) are recycled or composted. Plastics are processed to be moulded into new, recycled plastic products. Certificates are issued to ensure sound waste management.

Our (re)art stores

All our stores are equipped to collect your empty art containers.

Find a store near you, drop off accepted items in the (re)art recycling box, and we will take care of the rest. Everything will be recycled safely and responsibly.

By bringing us your empty art containers, you’re contributing to eco-friendly creativity.

Discover our eco-friendly products

Our goal : to market products that are eco-friendly

To encourage sustainable consumption, we decided to implement four selection requirements that help consumers easily identify our eco-friendly products.

We then reviewed our entire online and in-store selection to identify these products—this allowed us to identify more than 300 products!

To be selected, a product must meet at least one of the four criteria :

1. Sustainably sourced product
2. Environmentally friendly packaging
3. Significant use of renewable or alternative energy
4. Existence of a social responsibility program in the partner's organization

Find the icon in store or on DeSerres website to shop our most eco-responsible products !

Our business practices

In 2019-20, we reviewed our warehouse practices to reduce our environmental impact. Here are the important changes we made:

• 100% of packaging received from our suppliers is reused or recycled
• 100% of the packaging from your orders is recycled and recyclable
• 100% of our pallets are recycled and reused

Packaging is essential to guaranteeing that you receive your orders in the best conditions. That said, we make every effort to have a small ecological footprint.

100% recyclable
50% recycled

To help you better transport your purchases (and, above all, protect them while on the go), we now offer shopping bags that are 100% recyclable and 50% recycled

As a retailer, we must often renovate, relocate or open new stores. Here are some of the steps we take with each new project:

• Recycling and reusing old moveable equipment

• 100% LED lighting. Indeed, to reduce our energy consumption, we began (and almost finished!) transitioning to 100% LED lighting in all our stores. This has allowed us to reduce our energy consumption by more than 10%!

• Purchasing mainly from local artisans

• Safe and certified waste recycling (metals, computer equipment, hazardous materials)