How to choose the right easel?

There are many types of easels and it’s not always easy to know which one to choose. Start by determining your needs (the maximum size of your canvases, your space, and whether you need to transport your easel) and your budget. Each type of easel has its own properties and advantages.

Types of Easels

Studio Easels:

Studio easels are generally large easels that accommodate a variety of formats (up to 96 inches depending on the model). Studio easels are highly stable, robust, and modular to be able to adapt to each project and artist’s style.

Lyre Easels:

Lyre easels are lightweight, compact, and easy to transport. They are often more affordable than studio easels and can accommodate canvases up to 75 inches, depending on the model.

Box Easels:

Box easels are lightweight, compact, and ideal for transport.

Table Easels:

Table easels are compact, portable, and ideal for small formats (up to 32 inches, depending on the model).

Display Easels:

Display easels are ideal for presenting your artwork and may also serve as decorative items.