Puzzles & Puzzle Accessories

Puzzles for adults 

Explore our wide collection of puzzles for adults, ranging from 500, 1000, 1500 or even 2000 pieces from recognized brands such as Ravensburger, Lego, Clementoni, Cavallini, among others. Find puzzles of every theme: holidays, landscapes, architecture, illustrations, paintings and more! Enjoy some alone-time or tackle them with friends and family for hours of screen-free fun. 

Puzzles for kids 

For little puzzlers, explore our wide selection of puzzles for kids from top brands like Djeco, Avenue-Mandarine, Janod, and others. Kids will have fun putting pieces together to form animals, a world map, the solar system, and other inspiring images. A fun activity that enhances their motor skills and concentration while keeping them entertained. 

3D puzzles and construction puzzles 

Elevate your puzzle game...literally! Assemble the pieces to create another world: bring the mythical elements of Harry Potter to life, recreate the Downtown Abbey castle, build a real gingerbread house or even the Eiffel Tower. The biggest brands, like Ravensburger and Wrebbit, challenge you to 3D building fun

Puzzle accessories 

Hesitant to start a puzzle due to a lack of time and space? Worried that you'll have to leave it unfinished on your dining room table? With our puzzle accessories, these concerns are a thing of the past! Try our essentials like Puzzle Store, sorting and storage solutions, felt mats, puzzle easels or even adjustable wooden trays. We've got everything you might need to uplevel your puzzling skills.