Body painting: getting started

In this guide, you’ll find some useful tips and tricks to help you get started!
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Body painting: getting started

Body painting goes back to the dawn of time. It played a key role in many tribes and was used to indicate status or reflect military rank, among many other reasons. Things have changed a lot since then, and today, this now-modernized temporary art form is appreciated for its spectacular characteristics. Whether it’s to create a colourful, head-to-toe look, or simply to dress up for a special event, body painting allows you to truly transform yourself. In this guide, you’ll find some useful tips and tricks to help you get started!

Before starting, make sure you’re using quality, specially formulated paint and have the right equipment. Cheap paints could cause skin rashes or allergies—and nobody wants that. Water-based make-up is ideal for body painting. Snazaroo offers a wide selection of water-based colours that aren’t tested on animals. They’re easy to apply and can be easily removed with soap and water, making them perfect for beginners.
Before applying the paint, test it on a small area of skin to make sure the model doesn’t have an allergic reaction (avoid painting on irritated or injured skin, and be careful when painting around the eyes and lips). To apply the paint, you can use a brush, sponge or airbrush. Airbrushing is essentially limited to the body (not recommended for the face), but it allows you to quickly cover large areas of skin (to avoid inhaling too much paint, run a fan nearby).
You must always properly clean your equipment after use. Poorly cleaned equipment could cause skin reactions on future models. In addition to soap and water, we recommend cleaning your brushes with alcohol. Finally, once you’ve removed the makeup with soap and water, you can tell the model to moisturize well for the next 24 hours to prevent dry skin (paint can cause dry skin). Now it's up to you to experiment and let your imagination run wild!

(Photo credits: Snazaroo and Jade Berry)