What Is Custom Printing?

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What Is Custom Printing?

Artists are increasingly turning to digital platforms like ProCreate to produce artwork. This kind of application pushes the boundaries of creation and provides a host of possibilities for artists, in any medium. What if we told you that we offer a custom printing service that allows you to bring your greatest digital creations to life on paper (or other media), without compromising quality?

A key advantage of choosing custom printing is the wide variety of print finishes available. You can print on traditional substrates, of course, such as paper or canvas, but you can also print on rigid substrates such as acrylic, wood, cork and even foam board. Fun fact: With custom printing, you can also print your favourite project on a wall vinyl (or a vinyl to decorate a piece of furniture), or even print custom window films. Custom printing offers endless possibilities, as it’s also not limited to a certain number of print sizes like traditional printing kiosks.
To get your custom printing project started, you should first meet with one of our in-store experts. Trained to work in our framing and printing department, our experts can truly guide you according to the results you want to achieve. Together, you’ll fill out the order form for your project, indicating all project-specific instructions.
Once you’ve met with a DeSerres expert, they will forward your project, along with the order form that you filled out together, to our printing and framing workshop. Each project is processed with care and is double-checked by our workshop experts to ensure that it will meet your expectations.
We offer an image database for anyone who might be lacking inspiration, or doesn’t have personal photos of the subject they wish to develop. This database contains millions of photos and vector images to help you achieve your goal.
Whether you want to display your digital creations, or simply create a project using a cherished photo, custom printing offers endless possibilities. Because your unique projects deserve a unique service!