Alcohol Ink on Yupo Paper

The smoke-like stains created by alcohol ink on Yupo paper are mesmerizing to look at and addictive to make. You’ll soon fall in love with this unique and versatile paper just like we did. No two paintings are alike with this expressive painting process.
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Alcohol Ink on Yupo Paper



How to paint on Yupo paper

Step 1: Dip a paintbrush in rubbing alcohol and wet areas of the paper leaving some areas dry.

Step 2: Drop the alcohol-based ink onto your paper and tilt it to make it spread and react with the rubbing alcohol.

Step 3: Alternate between applying rubbing alcohol with an eyedropper (or brush) and ink to your paper, pushing it around the page by either blowing on it through a straw or using a hairdryer on the cool setting. Push the ink around the page to create unique compositions and layering.

Step 4: After this base layer is dry, create floral motifs by adding other colours of alcohol-based ink to your painting using the same method.


Add details to your painting once it’s dry with Sharpies or Posca markers
Inks can be mixed together to change colours
Dilute your inks with rubbing alcohol and apply them with a paintbrush
Use alcohol inks in a well-ventilated area and avoid contact with eyes and skin

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