Posca markers reinvent the customized tote bag

Revisit an absolute must. Whether it’s made of canvas or cotton, and whether you call it a tote bag or a carryall, it’s the trendy accessory to personalize. Nos petits doigts blogger Chloé shows you how to make her version of the IT bag using her favourite Posca markers.
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Posca markers reinvent the customized tote bag


How to personalize a cotton or canvas bag using Posca markers?

Step 1: Trace your designs on the bag with an HB pencil. Posca markers are available in many different tip sizes, making it easy to vary lines thickness and colour in very large surfaces.

Step 2: Before colouring everything in, slip a piece of cardboard in the bag to stop ink from seeping through to the other side. Another advantage to using Posca markers: their ink is opaque and offers great coverage. White stands out really well on darker coloured fabrics.

Step 3: Continue to colour and draw until the desired result is achieved.