Audrey Chevalier

"My passion for art is an integral part of my life."
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Audrey has been a member of the DeSerres family for almost 10 years. Having started her adventure in stores, she is now a business development consultant. Above all, she loves painting with acrylics, a practice she has been studying for nearly 15 years. Passionate about DeSerres products, from their composition to their use, she knows them inside and out!


Audrey’s creative journey began at a young age with her love of drawing: she drew a lot in elementary school and even more in high school. When she started working at DeSerres, she naturally added acrylic and watercolour painting to her repertoire.
As a self-taught artist, she learned a lot through experience: from talking to customers, discussing different art topics with her colleagues, but also from testing and exploring the endless creative possibilities of DeSerres products.

Today, Audrey primarily focuses on acrylics. Her current work is rooted in realism: portraits, skins and clothing textures are among her favourite subjects. Black is her colour of choice. It was almost by chance that Audrey discovered black gesso (a new arrival at DeSerres) a few years ago, a product that has since become an important part of her artistic process. Audrey enjoys painting on a black background, a technique that has changed her way of working with light and shadow to bring a new dimension to colours. In her opinion, colours that naturally pop on a white background deserve a little more patience and dedication on a black background: you must take your time, work on details layer by layer to bring out colours – something she enjoys very much.

“It’s the journey that matters, not the destination.”


Ten years at DeSerres have given Audrey valuable experience in fine arts consulting. After having explored many different areas in-store, she is now a Sales Representative and Business Development Advisor. However, whether she is working in-store or at the head office, one passion remains constant: communicating with customers! Her extensive product knowledge and personal experience are a winning combination that allows her to always meet the needs of artists.

Her favourite products (which she also invites you to try) include black gesso (of course!) and Golden High Flow Acrylics (without a doubt!). Not to mention Dacryl Professional Liquid Acrylics, which are one of her recent favourites: “simply because of how much paint control I have when using a paintbrush; it’s a high-quality paint with an incredible finish once dry.”

“Working at DeSerres gives me access to a wide range of products that I can easily test, which then allows me to better support customers in their decision-making process.”

Audrey's artwork