Nicolette Valikoski

"After my family, art is everything to me."
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Nicolette Valikoski

Nicolette Valikoski is a passionate and inspiring painter. Between the challenges of creativity and the reality of life, the young mother of three has distinguished herself amongst Canada’s talented painters.

Of strength and flowers

“I remember it like it was yesterday. One of my favourite artists posted an ad about leasing a shared studio on social media and I simply replied.” This marked a turning point in Nicolette’s career. Three years later, she is still pleased that she had jumped on the opportunity to share a studio with eight female artists on Vancouver Island.  

The move required her to take the plunge as a professional artist, but Nicolette embraced the decision calmly and without planning too far ahead. “The contact with the women in the studio was so inspiring. I found a space where I could create while also being a young mother. I had the opportunity to learn new techniques and exchange with other artists. It is also where I discovered cold wax mediums. It is thanks to my colleagues that this approach became one of my visual signatures.”

Though surrounding herself with other women artists has been extremely beneficial for Nicolette, the painter also acknowledges the support she gets from her partner and from her family members, who believe in her. “I have learned so much and have received plenty of encouragement. It really is possible to balance both artistic and family life. It’s extraordinary to start one’s career as a professional painter surrounded by incredible people each day.” Stemming from the strength that she received through the contact with the people she loves and admires, Nicolette started very early on teaching her children that they too can grow from such relationships. “Like all parents, I think that anything my children create is amazing, but I hope to show them that it is also possible to earn a living doing what you love. As rare as that can be. I want them to be passionate about what they do.”

Nicolette’s third love, after her children and painting, is interior design. “It’s one of my biggest inspirations. I started painting to add colour and beauty to my home and my parents’ home. I believe that art completes a room. To be truly beautiful, a space needs a work of art.”

To achieve such beauty is an endless passion for Nicolette. Her floral depictions, her sensitivity to colour and her skills at capturing the delicateness of a petal with the broad strokes of a painting knife reveals her ability at mastering oil paints, various mediums and especially palette knives (to which she has hundreds!). With an agile hand, she can create a graceful and delicate picture that contrasts to the heaviness and weight of the painting.

As feminine as it is powerful, Nicolette Valikoski’s artwork now inspires other young women and emerging artists. Her work has the power to fill us with a gentle, yet raw energy. Although, it is the passionate and generous nature of this talented painter that resonates the most, as she rises to all of life’s challenges.

The Zone is very proud to have Nicolette Valikoski as a member.

Nicolette's artwork : Paintings inspired by nature

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