Tutorial: How to Use Metallic Watercolors for Calligraphy by Elizabeth Zhang

Learn the most stylish calligraphy techniques for your journal.
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January is always a month where we feel refreshed and optimistic about the year ahead! This simple tutorial by Elizabeth Zhang from @calligraphiewithliz will help you kick off the new year with the most stylish calligraphy techniques for your 2020 journal. Follow this tutorial to learn how!


  • Dropper tool
  • Calligraphy pen holder and nib (here I'm using the “Brause 361 Blue Pumpkin" nib)
  • Metallic watercolor paint (here I'm using the “Royal Talens Van Gogh Metallic and Interference Colors” paint palette)
  • Paintbrush
  • Watercolor paper



Step 1 :

Using a dropper tool, add a few drops of water to your desired paint color. Wait 1-2 minutes for the paint to activate.

Step 2 :

Use a paintbrush to mix the water and paint together. When the paint achieves a thicker consistency, it's ready for calligraphy!


Step 3 :

Using the paintbrush, apply the paint to your nib, making sure that the amount of paint is just enough so it will not overflow. This helps prevent unnecessary blobs and splatters on your work!


Step 4 :

Start writing with your paint-filled nib. If the paint has the right consistency, it should flow easily! If the paint has trouble flowing, use the paintbrush to add some water to the paint. On the other hand, if the paint is too watery, just wait another 1-2 mins for the paint to thicken, and you can use it again!

In the spirit of the new year, I've started using the Moleskine Watercolor Journal and this set of beautiful paints! Happy 2020!