Dressing Creatively: 4 Tips for Restoring Damaged Clothing

Revamp your favourite pieces – you just need a little creativity and cleverness!
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The fashion industry is one of the most polluting in the world due to overproduction, which contributes to the increasing number of landfills needed to solve this problem year after year.

You can do your part to help reduce clothing and accessory waste by simply changing the way you view the life cycle of a fashion item. You don’t need a degree in fashion to revamp your favourite pieces – you just need a little creativity and cleverness!

Here are our 4 tips for restoring damaged clothing and creating a more sustainable wardrobe.


Sometimes a small hole can make us want to toss a piece of clothing in the trash. However, there are so many ways to give old clothes new life – and embroidery is a great example! It's a totally cute way to fix damaged clothing, shoes or bags that are simply in need of a little love.




If time got the best of your favourite bag, you can easily give it a second life by making alterations using different macramé techniques. For example, if your leather bag strap is torn because you've been carrying too many heavy items, you can replace it with a new strap … that you created yourself! And it can even be fun to add little accents on the front.



What to do when a piece of clothing is stained?

When we ask people why they get rid of their clothing, one of the most popular answers is: "stains". Yet, this problem is so easy to fix, it’ll never be an excuse for anyone ever again!


It’s no surprise that tie-dye is still very much trending this summer. Tie-dye offers a variety of pattern and colour combinations to please both eccentric and laid-back dressers. The darker the colours, the more your stains will magically disappear. Our favourite revamp: socks! It’s a more low-key way to dare the tie-dye trend for the very first time.



This one is for the real artists! Have you ever accidentally spilled a few drops of acrylic on your favourite jeans while painting? Well, it's time to turn your little accident into a real masterpiece! At DeSerres, we love Pébéo's Setacolor Opaque Fabric Paint because it stays vibrant even after a few washes. So go ahead, dare to walk the streets wearing your own work of art!!