Acrylic Geode Painting

Experiment, play and invent organic geode-like artwork using materials that inspire you
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Acrylic Geode Painting
Nature is infinitely creative and so are you! Experiment, play and invent organic geode-like artwork using materials that inspire you. Liquitex acrylic inks, paints and mediums offer a world of creative exploration just waiting to be discovered.





How to make geode inspired art with acrylic inks

Step 1: 

Prime your wooden surface with clear acrylic gesso and let it dry. Use a pencil to draw curved lines on your surface inspired by geode formations.

Step 2: 

Apply ink between your drawn lines with an eyedropper or paintbrush. Trail white ink through a pool of blue ink or next to a pool of blue ink while it is still wet and watch the colours swirl and blend together in unexpected ways. Use a toothpick to make finer lines or dilute the ink with water to make lighter hues. Experiment with creating organic formations with swirling ink. Let the ink dry between sections if you don’t want one section to bleed into the next.

Step 3: 

Add lines of glitter glue or metallic ink to your painting.

Step 4: 

Once the ink has dried, use a fine point acrylic paint marker to add more white veins throughout your geode.

Step 5: 

Glaze the entire surface of your geode with pouring medium to level it out and create a smooth surface. Allow the pouring medium to dry overnight and varnish the it with high-gloss varnish.

Step 6: 

Mix grey acrylic paint with ceramic stucco medium and black lava textured gel to create a rock-like finish. Apply this mixture to the sides of your geode with a palette knife to complete the look.


  • Clean up with soap and water
  • Clean eye droppers after use and avoid mixing ink colours directly in the bottles