Creative Project for Mom - Part 2 - Card

 A creative way of saying, “I love you!”
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Creative Project for Mom - Part 2 - Card

This year, to celebrate Mother’s Day, we thought we’d share a beautiful project you can easily create at home. To get started, just pick out your favourite photo of you and your mother and follow the easy steps. A creative way of saying, “I love you!”


  • Coloured cardboard (6.5″ × 9″)
  • Precision knife
  • Glue
  • Ruler
  • Cutting mat
  • Marker
  • A drawing (slightly smaller than 6″ × 4″)



Step 1: 

Along the height (9″) of the cardboard, draw fold lines 1″ and 5″ away from the edge. Along the width (6.5”), draw lines 0.25″ away from each side. Cut the 0.25″ on each side except opposite the 1″ strip. Then fold the cardboard inward wherever there is a fold line.

Step 2: 

Fold the flaps to the inside of the 1″ strip and glue.

Step 3: 

Create a sleeve by folding the 1″ strip to the inside of the card and glue.

Step 4: 

Trace the desired pattern on the card cover and cut out the shapes with a precision knife. The patterns of the drawing placed in the card will be visible through the created holes.

Step 5: 

Using markers, add details and text to the cover.

Step 6: 

Write your message inside the card and slide the drawing into the sleeve.