How to Create Your Own Neon Effect

Creating cool neon effects has never been so easy!

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How to Create Your Own Neon Effect

We’re bringing the ’80s back with this flashy creative project! Learn how to create your own eye-catching neon effects in just a few easy steps. With a handful of supplies, creatives of all levels can produce cool neon effects that will have heads turning. Get started!

Materials :

  • Apollon black canvas (16 x 20 inches)
  • HB pencil
  • Molotow acrylic marker (15 mm)
  • Sabotaz spray paint
  • DeSerres white acrylic paint
  • Matte or gloss varnish for finishing



Step 1:

Draw your design on a 16 x 20 in canvas using a HB pencil.

Step 2:

Using a 15 mm Molotow acrylic marker, trace the design. Trace the design a second time for better opacity.

Step 3:

Then, go over the white line with Sabotaz spray paint.

Step 4:

To finish, enhance the neon effect with white acrylic paint using a "detail" paintbrush.


To protect your artwork, apply 1 or 2 coats of matt or gloss varnish, as desired.