Discover Dacryl: DeSerres’ New Range of Acrylic Paints

Dacryl is a range of acrylic paints made locally by passionate artisans, including all the essentials you need to create.

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Discover Dacryl: DeSerres’ New Range of Acrylic Paints

You don't have to go too far to find quality acrylics that will meet your various creative needs. Indeed, DeSerres has put all its expertise to work to create a range of locally made and exceptional quality acrylic paints: Dacryl. Happy discovery!


A cross between gouache and acrylic, Dacryl Acrylic Gouache adheres well to many surfaces and is water-resistant once dry. It has an opaque, matte finish and is available in 36 colours; a must-try for adding a touch of colour to your projects.


Odourless and creamy, our student-grade acrylic is ideal for covering large surfaces. This paint is easy to work with and is available in over 78 colours, each more vivid and intense than the last.


Dacryl Studio is perfect for beginners and students. A unique two-litre size makes it very economical, and mixable colours give it a bright finish. A great ally for your next school project!


This paint is one of the most versatile in the range. Available in two sizes and 36 colours, it is ultra pigmented and has excellent lightfastness. It lends itself well to both mixed media and fine art techniques, and can be combined with a variety of acrylic mediums for texture variation.


Our professional acrylic features a high and intense pigment concentration. It is available in approximately 69 different colours, and most of these colours have a natural gloss finish. Easily mixed with mediums, Dacryl Professional Liquid Acrylic will quickly become a go-to in your studio.


To perfectly complement our versatile range of Dacryl acrylic paints, we also offer six professional mediums: pouring medium, gloss gel medium, gesso, gloss medium, modelling paste and matte medium. Each has its own characteristics to take your creations to the next level.



Finally, for artists looking to make their artwork stand out, Dacryl offers a UV paint in six fluorescent colours that glow under black light, as well as a glitter paint in seven colours for adding a bit of shine. Chances are you'll find it easy to experiment with the world of creative possibilities that Dacryl has to offer. Get your brushes ready!