An iconic marker.

POSCA is a leading paint marker in the artistic world. An essential tool for creation and self-expression, it’s used by amateurs and professionals alike, every day, on all types of materials.

Posca: The perfect markers for painting and drawing

Posca markers are composed of a water-based, odourless, highly opaque and workable paint. With various tip options, Posca markers can be used for both painting or drawing, making it a highly versatile tool. The Posca marker dries quickly and is suitable for use on many surfaces such as wood, plastic, paper, stone, fabric, leather, etc. There are 8 types of nibs and over 60 colours available. Posca markers are permanent and do not require mixing with primers to adhere to a surface. The water-based paint can be rinsed when wet. Once dry, it becomes water-resistant and may remain on fabrics even after washing.

Fun fact about Posca markers

Posca markers were launched in the early 1980s in the graffiti world. Over time, the Posca brand became renowned in the modern art sphere. Today, the Posca marker is used in urban art as well as in fine arts, illustration or fashion. Easily workable, durable and suitable for use on various surfaces, this highly versatile marker has won over artists across the globe.