Van Gogh

Quality Is a Choice

Created in 1899, Van Gogh is a trusted brand in the painting world, particularly for watercolours and oil paints. Van Gogh watercolours and oil paints are renowned for their intense colours, premium quality and high degree of lightfastness. Van Gogh also offers specialized papers for watercolourists.



Van Gogh Products

Van Gogh is a Dutch brand that offers high-quality products. Their product line is especially geared towards artists and users looking for reliable and top-quality products.

  • Van Gogh oils offer excellent colouring power. They are composed of rich and high-quality pigments for intense and consistent colours.
  • Van Gogh oils are available in 66 colours and also come in a set. Ideal for beginners, students, and artists.
  • Van Gogh acrylic paints made with high-quality pigments can be used with or without water dilution. Offered in 40 colours, Van Gogh acrylics can be worked with a brush or a palette knife.
  • Van Gogh watercolours are composed of high-quality pigments that provide brilliant and intense colours. The line of watercolour paints includes 72 colours. Van Gogh watercolours are highly lightfast and retain their colour for a very long time.
  • Van Gogh paper was created to offer artists the best quality and the best rendering. Each type of Van Gogh paper is made from high-quality cellulose. You'll find a paper suitable for the medium of your choice.