Masking Fluid Medium - 118 ml

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Masking Fluid Medium - 118 ml

Liquitex Masking Fluid Medium is a colourless, latex-based liquid that allows you to mask off areas of work and protect them from colour penetration. It peels off once the colour dries to reveal a clean surface underneath—leaving no trace or strain. This medium can be used with fluid applications of acrylic colour and washes. Ideal for blocking off areas of a painting and letting the surface show through.

  • Lightfast & archival
  • Permanent
  • Non-yellowing
  • Flexible & non-cracking
  • Water-resistant when dry
  • Intermixable with all Liquitex products

  • Contains 118 ml (4 oz)
  • Once dry, you can paint colour on freely
  • Can be used with acrylic inks
  • Can be used on all acrylic-friendly surfaces
  • Recommended techniques: masking when painting or spray painting

  • Dip your applicator in soapy water before dipping in Masking Fluid (this will make cleaning easier later)
  • Wash your tools with warm soapy water straight after application
  • Remove Masking Fluid as soon as possible for best results, carefully starting at the corners and peeling back slowly
  • Do not use on damp or soft-sized paper
  • Not recommended for thicker acrylic paint application
  • Avoid abrading or overworking areas where Masking Fluid is applied

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